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Our commissioned immunisation providers delivered
1,513 occasions of support to community members and immunisation providers across Adelaide
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Ongoing support for immunisation programs across our region  

We continue to commission two immunisation providers to ensure immunisation support is available for consumers and local primary health care workforce across our region.


Our providers continue to work towards increasing childhood vaccination rates by providing education sessions and resources to support informed community decision making, and ensuring providers have the tools they need to deliver safe and effective immunisation programs.


A primary focus throughout the year was providing COVID-19 vaccination support and education to consumers and primary health care providers. Training ensured the workforce were skilled in the safe management and administration of COVID-19 vaccines.


Collectively, 19 education sessions relating to COVID-19 were held, with almost 290 providers in attendance.  


Our commissioned immunisation providers also delivered 1,513 occasions of support to community members and immunisation providers across Adelaide.


95% of children and 96% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across our region are fully immunised at 5 years

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Supporting access to respiratory care across our region  

We continue to commission Asthma Australia to deliver the Adelaide Respiratory Health Project – an initiative focused on promoting evidence-based, person- centred respiratory health care.


This year, 11 general practices and 7 pharmacies have indicated their interested in undertaking specific training in asthma management, increasing use of clinical resources, and participating in localised communities of practice.


This year, Asthma Australia collaborated with Community Access and Services SA to collaborate on a targeted project with a focus on culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. Part of this project meant that Asthma Australia delivered CALD workshops for the first time to people with respiratory conditions. The learnings from this piece of work will help Asthma Australia appropriately deliver similar initiatives with CALD communities and help the organisation be more culturally accessible.


Over 26 spirometry interpretation and practical spirometry courses have been delivered to over 58 local health care professionals.

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Continued support for people living with  persistent pain 

This year, the multi-disciplinary team at our commissioned Living Well with Persistent Pain Programs operating in the north and centre/west, continue to support people experiencing chronic pain via the delivery of self-management education sessions, care coordination and access to specialised allied health services.


Promotion of the centre/west service has included the provision of information to 6 local councils and 12 general practices. A schedule of 12 trial group education sessions were also undertaken, which included hydrotherapy, yoga, chi ball, meditation, and mindfulness/un-packing pain sessions.

Collectively, our Living Well with Persistent Pain Program supported 64 people via the delivery of –

  • 11 educational sessions

  • 104 allied health visits

  • 57 case conferences

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A continued campaign partnership to promote participation in bowel, breast, and cervical cancer screening

We continue to promote participation in the three national cancer screening programs (bowel, breast, and cervix) through our Get Screened and Get on with Living campaign - a partnership with Cancer Council SA and Country SA PHN.


This year, the campaign has been promoted more broadly via social media, alongside their regular promotional activity.

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Reducing wait times for children on existing wait lists for autism and developmental assessments

We continue to work with our commissioned Adelaide Paediatrics Partnership Project to reduce waiting times for children on existing wait lists for autism spectrum disorders, global developmental delay, and psycho-educational assessments.


This year, our Paediatric Partnership Program supported children and families within our region by providing

  • 124 autism spectrum disorder assessments

  • 11 psycho-educational assessments

  • 22 additional therapy appointments

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Supporting CALD communities living with persistent pain

We continue to commission STTARS to deliver the Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities with Persistent Pain Project.


The project aims to better understand and respond to the specific embodied pain needs of various cultural groups and consult with specific communities to develop resources which will benefit broader cultural groups.


Across the year, group programs supported individuals to better understand their pain condition and equip them with the necessary tools to improve their quality of life.

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